Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Where To Find A Good Pyjamas - DPAM

Du Pareil au même (or DPAM)
It's a french brand which sells children apparels and accessories. I only know about this brand when I visit its store at Pavilion KL (6th floor, next to Pumpkin Patch). I love their summer pyjamas (though it's my boy who wear them). It's pretty hard to find such a good quality + cheeky design's old-styled pyjamas. The fabric suits our hot weather here. I bought Size 3 but my boy can wear it since 2 y.o. To my surprise, the fabric and the colour of the pyjamas still look as new piece despite few machine washes (2 or 3 times) every week.

Back to my old days, my mum and aunties liked to tailor children clothing (especially pyjamas) with the leftover fabrics or stripe-pattern fabric. So comfy but plain graphic.. I like DPAM's website as well as their animation work. A lot of stitched and embroidered motifs can be easily found in their collections. They use and mix many colours in their designs too. Look at the pyjamas' print (see picture above), you can spot many animals... just teach your little one to know each animal from his/her pyjamas. Just like books or flash cards!

The price... depend on how you value and compare it with others. I was lucky to get the pyjamas (RM40+) for my boy's size during Sales period. Except for the backpack bag, I bought it at the normal price. I couldn't resist it when I saw this little cute bag. I felt more guilty if I didn't take the last piece in the store. (Oh no, it'd be another story if my hubby was there! Shhhh...)

Bad news!!! (To me only?) This store has closed down already. I just found out about it few weeks ago when I was shopping at Pavillion KL. The existing unit is under renovation. Wondering if the new store carries this brand. Or I gotta hunt it in Singapore. (Aiya, forget the location, anyone knows? Email me, please..)

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