Sunday, May 16, 2010

Play n Learn: Now I know My ABC

I was so touched when my 2 y.o tot could sing ABC's song without missing a letter. I could not sing a complete one until primary one. Luckily was my parents got me a good tutor to teach me from the basic. I'm not a pro in teaching but I wish to be a good mentor in his early education path.

In beginning, he always missed the letter "N" and "V". So I rectified him every time. I notice that he can tell the correct one after I highlight the "missing" or "incorrect" parts several times. Trials and errors actually make him learn faster.

Does he recognise the 26 letters? I'd say he is slowly picking them up... letter by letter. Like last week, he could say the letter "O" when he spotted any "0" (circle, zero number, letter O). At one point, he said the letter "Q" was "O" when he saw it from his daddy's car plate. Haha... Yesterday, he took out the letter "Z" from his foam playmat and said "it's zebra". What made me laugh about this picture (see right)? My boy pointed it and said "mommy, I got this "O" and I got this "Zebra"; but, my husband asked me "why Aussie?" when I took the picture of the two letters.

In recent, I like to record his small performances. For me, video is a live-memory that bringing more sentimental feelings about the past.
Let's watch the NG take + the Good take.

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