Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Baby Food: Organic Rice Cereal

My Baby's First Cereal: Why not? Organic First Flavour Cereal

Rarely I write about baby stuff here. All my "first-hand" experiences about looking after our first baby are in history now. Perhaps I only able to recall any when I ......

Last Sunday, I saw this rice cereal at the supermarket's Organic Food Section. When I took a picture of it, my tot asked me what it is. I explained to him that he used to eat this cereal (original flavour) when he was a baby. He finished 2 cans during 6-8 months.

If you are an organic-oriented mummy, you may be interested to introduce this rice cereal as the first weaning food for your little baby (at 6 months).
Just mix it with warm milk (breast-milk or formula milk).
Tips to wean your baby for 1st time:
  • Try to feed (10am - 12pm) after the 1st morning milk feed when baby's mood is joyous.
  • Start with small portion (1 tablespoon) and gradually add the portion if baby is not enough.
  • Don't force baby to finish the portion as he/she just starts to take solid food
  • Set a vibrant environment for baby to enjoy his/her first solid food (away from TV and Toys)
  • Say "yummy.. yummy..."

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