Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Irresistibly Cupcakes of "Alice in Wonderland"

Irresistibly Cupcakes - "Alice in Wonderland"
I've eyed on a birthday cake in cupcakes version for long. Finally I got one (indeed, many cupcakes). Thanks hubby.

These days, there's a new trend to get more mini cakes as one cake. Not only for birthdays, but for any occasions like Mo
ther's or Father's Day, Easter's Day, X'mas, Fullmoon, Weddings... which you feel like getting one design for "your own" (non-homogeneous).

Through a friend, I got to know the wonderful cupcake makers
- The colourful and special themed marzipan-toppings make them look so unique than the traditional cupcakes. Prettyfrosting can custom design the theme upon request. Check my order, cupcakes in "Alice in Wonderland" look so awesome!

My friend is right about the sweetness, the cupcakes don't taste so sweet, even the marzipan-toppings taste just sweet.
For a nicer decor at party table, you could stack up the cupcakes on a English Hi-tea tray (see picture) or place them on the cupcake stand.

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