Monday, May 24, 2010

Play n Learn: Our House Got Talent

My boy likes to sing in solo now. Recently he learns to sing Hokkien songs... Not a joke, he can sing the chorus part. So he always hosts his talent's show in our bedroom as well as in the car. Even he braves himself to sing for his grandparents, uncles/aunties and cousins upon request. What a little man he is!(Applaused) But when he gets too excited on singing... OMG, he'll be like yelling, not singing anymore!

Sharing here with one of his singing video clips - a
simple counting rhyme of "Five Little Ducks":

Five* Little Ducks Went Out One Day
*Repeat with Four, Three, Two, One
Went Overhill and Far Away

Mother Duck Said: Quak, Quak, Quak...
Only Four* Little Ducks Came Back.
*Repeat with Three, Two, One, None

Note: Picture inserted at right - One of his Term 1's art projects in Toddler Program.
Teacher sang the above song which followed by some actions. So I will do the same when singing it to my boy. Children easily pay attention to the funny sounds or exaggerate actions or facial expressions that are involved in a reading or singing or dancing.

Although he can just sing one paragraph, we feel much satisfied about his performance. Absolutely never forget some big claps to appreciate his little talent show.

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