Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sweet Dream, My Dear Boy

Really appreciated that my aunt sewed the pillowcase and bolster case so soon (which made from the leftover fabric, refer to my previous blog Guess I was much happier than my boy to get a complete set of (custom made) bedlinen. I even talk to my aunt if she is happy to take another sewing project from me in future. "Absolutely can"...that's great!!! Only if I can find a nice pattern of fabric later.

In the picture, a fitted bedsheet + 2 pillowcases + 1 bolster case. They are all tailor-made by love.

Have a sweet dream, my dear boy!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Cute Stickers For Decor Idea

Wall papers or wall stickers are the latest trend for house decoration. Thanks to Miss J... we like the stickers you bought for us.

Recently I just bought a 3-drawers cabinet from IKEA. No choice, we have run out of storage with the coming 2nd child. The cabinet is in plain white. Well, the stickers reached us on right time. I paste some parts of the stickers on one side of the cabinet. The bore-some white cabinet looks so different now.

My boy likes the aeroplane design.. but I want to keep it for the children room (in future). Now he's still sharing room with us).


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