Friday, May 07, 2010

Book Review: Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell

Book Review # 1: Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell

This book was just arrived with ot
her new books I ordered from Littlereadingnook yesterday. My boy chose to read this book amongst the new arrivals. Maybe he was attracted with those animals (illustrations) hiding behind those windows (openings).

It's kinda peek-a-boo book and suitably read by 1-2 years old. Quite a good one to teach your little one about some animals through illustrations. For a 2 y.o toddler, my boy managed to name out most of the animals.

For elder kids (2-5 y.o), the names of animals are not printed for each illustrated animal in this book but they can learn different adjective words relating to each illustrated animal in the descriptions. Such as big for elephant, tall for giraffe and jumpy for frog.

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