Saturday, May 01, 2010

Play n Learn: Introduce Opposites

My boy is recovering from FHMD... no, he has recovered indeed. Yesterday, he not only finished a bowl of porridge but also ate 3 mini bananas. Glad to see him gaining some appetite. And today he's being active (mischievous too) again, talking a lot and playing a lot.

Today is public holiday and therefore my parents are free at home. In the evening, he asked his "gong gong" (grandfather or my dad) to take him out for a bicycle ride. "Gong gong" offered to fetch him on his big old bike, but my little boy insisted to ride his own small bike on the road. I tried to coax him in riding with "gong gong" but eventually we gave in. Why??

I said: Come on, ride on gong-gong's bicycle.
My boy: It is big bicycle, I don't want. I want this small one. (Then, he pulled his little bike to the porch.)

Weeks ago, he just learned to describe those vehicles which are bigger than his daddy's car
as "big car" such as vans, MPVs and four-wheels. *He started to use "big" word after reading "Gruffalo's Child" - quote "big bad mouse". Today, he can differentiate the words of "Big" and "Small". Remarkably using "Opposite" to describe things and even to express his little logical mindset. Most obvious is he can answer with "Yes" or "No" to the questions.

As such, I think I could introduce Dr.Suess's beginner opposite cards to him very soon.

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