Friday, April 30, 2010

Question & Answer

My boy: Mummy, what is this?
I said: Yes, what is this?
My boy: It's a bus!!! The wheel on the bus...

Recently, I notice that he likes to question. Whether he knows or he doesn't know, he just simply likes to throw the questions... what is this? or what is that? Who's one? even sometimes, he asks: what are you doing? And he can repeat the questions (of one thing) many times.

What's his motive of doing so? It seems he get some amusements from hearing our replies and watching our reactions... ya, until we get annoyed (not so unless we rush on something) . Then, I tried to switch the scenario when he questioned one thing again. I decided to be passive in attending his questions. An example like the above conversation between my boy and I. It worked.

At such stage, he can speak and understand more things and therefore he feels excited to "test" his level of knowledge. On the other hand, he is very curious to learn more new things and hence his eager of questioning grows stronger. Also, by questioning, he gets attention from us too. That's my conclusion.

In his game of questions, I just wait for him to give the answer if I know he can answer it.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Recipes for Tots: Mee Hoon Kuey & Mickey's Pancake

My boy is still suffering with sore mouth. His gum is swollen now. He can't brush his teeth for days (will cause bleeding to the gum) and therefore I have to use cotton bud to clean his teeth. Luckily my hubby reminded me of this method which is used for cleansing baby's mouth. Our boy has been surviving on milk and water in the past few days. The loss of appetite makes him losing weight which is worrying me.

On this weekend, I've prepared few recipes to spur my boy's appetite which are as follow:

Brunch on Saturday - My boy's favourite "Mee Hoon Kuey"
This is a simple homemade chinese version of pasta (in fact, p
asta is originated from China) and it's so commonly found in any local food stalls or kopitiams (cafeteria).

Ingredients are simple, mix 200g plain flour + 100ml water + 2 teaspoons salt + 1 egg + 1 big tablespoon Olive oil (add oil lastly). Form the mixture into a dough, make small leave-shaped skin with small portion of dough (press it against the big thumb and index finger) and boil it in "Ikan bilis" soup. Here, I specially use the dessert moulds to make few animal-looked "Mee Hoon Kuey" (see picture at right) for arousing my boy's craving. He did finish a small bowl. Note: I just made few of these to be mixed with the normal shaped "Mee Hoon Kuey". Actually the normal "Mee Hoon Kuey" is more ideal to crave because the moulded one is too thick and big.

Breakfast on Sunday - Mickey's Pancake with Peach Puree
For Pancake (Makes about 8-10 pieces):
Ingredient A - to mix well in a large bowl
150g Self-rising Flour, sieved
1/4 teaspoon Salt
20g Caster Sugar
Ingredient B - to add into A & whisk evenly
125ml Milk
1 Whole Egg

60g Melted Butter
1/2 teaspoon Vegetable Oil
For Peach Puree:
Use blender to blend the tinned peaches (4-5 pieces)
into puree form.

(1) Heat up non-stick pan in low fire
(2) Place the mould in and pour the pancake's mixture to fill
(3) Remove the mould when the bubbles surface on pancake

(4) Serve the pancake with any of your favourite dressings ie marble syrup, honey, fruit's puree, fresh fruits, ice cream

Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Little Tot Was Hit By HFMD

Last friday, I got a call from my tot's English Learning Centre about one case of HFMD (Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease) and one diagnose of suspected H1N1 in the past two weeks. As I just returned from overseas, any local news, small or big was totally out-of-my-mind. Coincidentally my boy missed a class last Sunday. Should I let him attend the class this sunday although the whole centre has been sanitized?

I brought my boy to the class as usual. But it's so unusual when we reached the classroom. Only my boy came for the class. Teacher confided me that I could leave him with her. So I waited at the reception but sms my hubby about this matter. My hubby replied and he asked me to reconsider the safety issue. Our boy had been hospitalised twice due to the lungs infection. Well, since we were there and he's the only student in the class, I gave it a green light.

OMG... I was wrong. After three days, he was confirmed infected with mild HFMD which rashes spotted in the throat.
Monday, he could drink milk and eat porridge. Until evening, he refused to take dinner.
I could feel his body was warmer (tested 38.2). I gave him the fever syrup and started to worry about the influenza. But I observed that he just had mild fever and no appetite. No sneezing or coughing and no flu.
Tuesday, I noticed that his fever went down after the dosage. Still he refused to eat solid food, only asked for water and milk (remained same quantity). Sometimes, he would tell that he wanted to vomit. He played well and slept well.
Wednesday, again he just asked for water and milk. His eyes looked so tiring (oh, the genetic dark circles even darker) despite he slept as much as usual. In the evening, fever was back and remained 38.4-38.8 (under dosage of fever syrup).
Thursday, I brought him to see doctor and doctor confirmed him on mild HFMD (viral infection in mouth). He explained that the HFMD takes about 3-5 days to develop. The patient will have mild fever in the early 1-3 days but later the rash spots will occur in mouth, hand palm and foot... but for my boy, it's just found within the throat. He also advised us to serve cool water and milk as not to hurt the swollen throat. Ice cream maybe served to ease the sore (not given if has flu or cough).

I basically know about the fact if a person has fever... it means the virus/bacteria invades the immunity system. My boy's past history, he always has flu-fever with immediate symptoms like sneezing, high fever, excessive phlegm, coughing. Unlike this time, he just had mild fever, sore throat and vomiting. A new experience for us but we learned a lesson. Pity our boy.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Play n Learn: BRIO's "Pick-A-Pair" Game

My Boy's First BRIO's Wooden Game: Pick-A-Pair

I knew this brand from a baby magazine which advertised its pull along wooden toys. See one at right.

I saw a wide range of BRIO's products at the oldest and largest 4-storey Toy Store in Japan, Hakuhinkan Toy Park which is located at Ginza. Hmmm.... what should I get for my tot. He has mega blocks at home and certainly he won't play pull along toy now. So what is suitable? At last, I saw the little black square box, Pick-A-Pair. I read the instruction. Oh, it is designed for enhancing memory skills. Guess this was what I looking for.

How do I play with my boy first? I let him tell the name of the animals printed on each wooden disc and then I ask him to find the same pairs before putting them back to the wooden box. He is still young to learn the rule of memory game. At this stage, he could train hand-eye coordination by matching the same pairs. Having fun too.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Let's Be "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"!

I spotted a rack full of Eric Carle's books and related products at a mall in Tokyo. All prints about "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" are seen on various stationery and toys like note pads, rulers, pens, pencil cases, puzzles., toys, lunch boxes and so on. It must be quite popular reviewed amongst the local parents and children.

Frankly speaking, as a parent, I assure that this book is a must-read or must-have for you little one. And it's very good to be read through many years. The contents are ultimately riches in all sorts of knowledge (maths, days of a week, the life cycle of caterpillar, name of some fruits & food, the meaning of "hungry"). How could you miss this one?

I'm planning to conduct some study projects based on this book for my boy. And I think of inviting my friends' kids to join us too. Let's be the very hungry caterpillar!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Child's Dream-filled Land - DisneyLand

What was your dream when you were a child? Back to 20 more years ago, I only dreamed to get more McDonald's ice-creams plus toys from the kid's meal box and greedily wished to get a barbie doll during birthday. Yes, these were so ordinary dreams before school. Until I watched more Disney cartoons, I wished I could meet Disney characters one day especially the Snow White and Seven Dwarfs. This recalled that I spent my 1st money prize (of UPSR result) to buy a Disney's Stories Big Book.

Finally my childhood's big dream had come true when I stepped into Tokyo's Disneyland on 15 April 2010.
It was not included in our tour itinerary but at last minute we decided to join others to go there. Despite I was no more a young kid, I felt so cheerful to walk in the parks and take photo with some Disney characters. The window displays were so attractive. It is so correct that this is where dreams come true and wonderful memories last for you and your kids. *I think 2-day passport is better. Great patience acquired to queue.

My tour guide was so right about the park facilities (the rides) which suit anyone from 3 to 83. Moreover, I was so impressed of the security level here (every where actually). The parents could join their kids indoor to enjoy the rides/shows by just parking the strollers and other stuff at outdoor. Leaving the belongings unguarded. Back here, we need to take turn with our partners to look after our things while one of us accompany the kid(s) to somewhere.

Perhaps you can ask your kids "what is your dream?", it may cost you just hundreds for a toy or thousands for a Disney trip. Well... I gotta tell my hubby to tighten his belt (ikat perut) for a luxury dream... go to Disneyland! Now,
Hong Kong Disneyland is the newest and closest in our region. *Most voted for Tokyo's to Hong Kong's.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

My Little Boy Turned Into Mr.W

Oh.. my little boy has so many questions recently. With the rising curiousness at such age, he likes to ask us "what is this?" or "what is that" on every thing he sees (though he knows some of them already).And he likes to play hide and seek too. Covering his face with hands as if he was hidden, ha ha... then yelling "where are you?" In fact, I am responsible for turning him into little Mr.W. In the past, I was the one who popped up the "questions"... why? what? where? to him. Now he has mastered "THE ART OF W" and used it so proficiently in his daily life. We are glad to hear and answer his questions. It helps him learning faster too.

I notice that my boy recites the words or the rhymes or the stories in his own way. Like this afternoon, he woke up from afternoon nap and saw me writing note. He hastily ran to me and asked for the pen and the notebook. He wanted to write too and asked me to watch him writing
(huh, scribble actually!). But he looked quite serious when he drew the lines or the circles (can't tell how creative, but he is). He would tell one after one once he had drawn one. Funny was.. he questioned it then answered it."Mommy, what is this?... it's turtle" well, I saw a circle.. then "Mommy, what is this?.. it's crocodile.. snap! snap!" oh, i just saw a weird shape but he faced down and continued to draw. Then he pointed on the lines and said "monkey jump.. jump... crocodile... snap..snap!" I saw more shapes or lines appeared on the paper. He drew and he explained it. From there, I could tell that he absorbed what he has been taught.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Home Project 1: Transportation (Final Look)

Finally, I had completed the 1st study project for my boy. Maybe I should get easier one next time so that he can do it by himself. Colouring? Guess so...

Step 1 - I copy and print few pictures (m
y one's in B&W) of Maisy's Transportation. (see previous article)

Step 2 - I paste the print-out pictures on a used paperbag (recycle any torn or unused paper materials) then cut each picture and word's label one by one. See right picture

Step 3 - I lay all nicely cut-outs on the floor and let my boy to tell the respective transportation he know. We play match-game, matching the transportation (the picture cut-outs) with the appropriate sound (the word's labels).

Later he happily took the plane and waved it in the air. I could hear him murmuring "aeroplane... in the sky". See picture left

The next thing, I rolled up the left-over paperbag to make a tunnel as well as the mountain. To do
what? I was going to drive the train like Maisy in "Maisy's Train". (you'll understand it better if you have this book) I held the train cut-out and moved it up and down the mountain, then moved it through the tunnel and out to the station. See the paper train and the fake tunnel cum mountain.

Yeah, we both were so happy to take so many lovely rides on different modes of transportation within one day.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Play n Learn: Sing Along With Baby

Once my boy attends classes, our sing-along list expands as well. Some songs I have never sung before and some songs I can scarcely remember part of the lyrics. Uh uh, how to sing those new songs with my boy?

Thanks to the internet. I can search through the Youtube for children songs' video clips (my fave is Cullen'sAbc's) and I go to this website, to copy the lyrics. So easy + it's free.

Learn one here - "Fish Story":
One, two, three, four, five ? Once I caught a fish alive.
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten ?
Then I let it go again.
Why did I let it go?
Because it bit my finger so.
Which finger did it bite? The little finger on the right.

My Boy's Very First Class

I enrolled my 2y.o boy for a toddler program from this January. The class is held for one hour and once a week. I accompany my tot to attend the class. Maximum 10 tots in a class with a teacher (certified foreign English teacher). In the class, my boy gets to socialise with other tots in about same age.. they sing, they paint, they play and they learn in a group. (see picture- one of their colouring arts displayed at the wall) Although the tots don't seem talking to each other, they do know the existence of each other. They learn to share the painting tools as well as to queue for their turns in the playground. More importantly, my tot is stimulated to converse in English. Back home, he speaks more in Mandarin... little by little, we can see his progress in learning languages bilingually.

Now he's in 2nd term and getting so excited to go. Last Sunday, we were so thrilled about his little talks when we drove him to the class. 1st, while driving up to the highway, he yelled "mommy, so many lorries over there" when he saw some big trucks passing ahead our car. His daddy and I were silent for a second then we laughed hilariously. Our boy could make a short sentence in English. Next, I asked him where we go and he said "I go to class". Again I asked about his teacher's name and he replied "Mrs Seabourne"... though he pronounced it like 'sea-bon'.

We need to plant many seeds before we can reap more fruits. Thus, we as parents shall work together with our kid for a better future.

Come To Know Dr. Seuss

Who is Dr. Seuss? It is a pen's name of Theodor Geisel (1904-1991) in his popular children books' Dr. Seuss's series. Mr Geisel was famous for his rhyming stories (poetic meter) and he's also a great cartoonist who created the imaginative characters in Dr. Seuss's books. Some of the widely known titles are "The Cat in The Hat", "Hop on Pop", "Green Eggs and Ham" and "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". Young readers may find these extraordinary lines in Dr. Seuss's books are more interesting than those conventional texts. Watch out, your tongue or his/her little tongue may get twisted!

You can view the complete titles from the official website: and from there you and your kids could explore many on-site games and even download some activity sheets. Or you may search the video clips from Youtube for watching some of the Dr. Seuss's titles. Watch one here.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Home Project 1: Transportation

My little boy has two books from Maisy's transportation series. Maisy's Fire Engine and Maisy's Train. Undoubtedly, I can start with his very first study project under this theme - "transportation". As such, I logged on to and tried to look out for more transportation's illustrations this whole day. Finally, I managed to get the "copy and paste"* stuff done. I also typed some related keywords for labels.

Here's one of my examples. *note: Illustrations are only for the usage of private teaching. Please respect the author's right.

Firstly, I will cut out the pictures as well as the labels individually. Then, I retell the story with the related pictures and request my boy to arrange them in sequence.

After completing the two books' recite, I will show him the other pictures of transportation. We can have a words game together. Use the pictures and labels. For instance, matching the mode or the sound or the place with the appropriate transportation.
I will show you the final look of his very first study project later.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Play n Learn: How To Learn Words?

It's great to read some blogs which are written by mothers. Like now, I'm looking for a method to get my little boy to learn words in a fun way. I know he's so good in picture memory. He can say the word if I show him the related picture; Or he can tell the next word/sentences if I read the opening (of each sentence). By hearing, he's learning; by looking, he's learning. But he's not learning by words.

In fact, I received a set of Glenn Doman's flash cards from my sister-in-law which she bought for her 1st child > 10 years ago. Well, I flashed initially my baby boy with the graphic cards
(in black & white) in first 6 months. But I didn't continue with the text flash cards (red coloured texts) when he liked to chew or tear the cards. Last night, I began to flash him with the single-word cards. While I flashed the cards (6 words), he held his books and impatiently asked me to read for him. Oh this reminded me about the another set of Glenn Doman's Math cards (from same person this year). Not to scare my little boy with too many "materials", I should take steps to do them.

Perhaps I need to get ready with the interactive methods of teaching my tot to learn words and maths (which inspired by other mum-bloggers). I will share about it later. Most importantly, we should aware that the younger the child, the easier the learning process.
"Before the age of five a child can easily absorb tremendous amounts of information. If the child is younger than four it will be easier and more effective, before three even easier and much more effective, and before two the easiest and most effective of all." - Glenn Doman


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