Friday, May 21, 2010

Play n Learn: Leapfrog's Tag Junior Set

My Boy's New Learning Tool: Leapfrog's Tag Junior
This January, I bought a set of Leapfrog's Tag Junior for my boy's 2y.o birthday. Other than this one, my boy has a Fridge's Phonic Magnetic Set (see right) from this brand.

During that time, he could not operate this Tag in a proper way. He just pressed the buttons or tapped the pages. As such, I keep this set away and let him read other books as usual. 3 months later... I think that he should be able to handle the Tag Junior. As per guide, Tag Junior is designed for children aged 2 to 4. I can't hold it for any longer. I decide to let him try it again.

This set comprises 2 books which are "If I Were" and "Curious Geo
rge Color Fun". In recent, my boy just learns about colours so I choose the latter for him. I gave him a demo on how to use the gadget with the book. At last, he didn't let me down this time. He enjoys tapping it which makes many sounds then. Now he will tell me "Mommy, i want to point" when he wants it. He realises that the gadget can 'talk' once he points it to the icons found on each pages. "Mommy, you see, he talks and he sings!"

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