Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stop This... Baby is so fragile!

Last Sunday, I read a sad story about a mother whose 8-months baby girl has been diagnosed as "Shaken Baby Syndrome" (SBS). What is this? It's a serious brain hemorrhage caused by a rough and repeated shakes on a young child (especially the infants) in back and forth motion (whiplash). Infants are not strong enough to control their neck muscles and therefore the vigorous "shakes" may rupture the blood vessels and cause bruising to the brain. Just imagine what happen to an egg's yolk when you shake the egg non-stop.

Long time ago, I happened to see a father playing a dangerous game with his little baby. How dangerous it was? Holding his baby up in the air and suddenly throwing him up a bit (I can't tolerate even it's just "a bit")... then catching him back into arms. The little baby just laughed off whenever his father "saved" him from the throw. Oh no, I couldn't bear to watch this and swear to stop anyone who does it onto my baby. Importantly, we should convey the "dangerous" message to surrounding people (our parents, relatives, maids and babysitters).
Some ways to prevent the risk (SBS):
Educate the risk of SBS.
Send baby to another if you doubt about the caregivers' abilities to look after. (Hot-tempered, Lack of sleep, drunk or on drug)
(3) Check the caregivers background. (Many SBS victims are found to be abused)
Don't play too rough with baby.
(5) Don't shake baby when he's unconscious due to swallowing/ vomiting/ falling/ difficult breathing. Send baby to the nearest hospital immediately.

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