Monday, February 14, 2011

Sing Me A Love Song

My boy turns 3 years old this year. He goes to Kindergarten now. He can talk better and sing better. For negative, he shows his anger if we scold him; he challenges our patience. Sometimes, he can be a little sweet boy; but sometimes, he can be a little monster.

Nevertheless, I am proud of him... especially he can sing many songs for me. He loves to sing. In recent, I hear him singing a new song. A theme song from Barney's MTV - "I Love You, You Love Me". But he can only pick few lines from this song. So I ask my hubby to search the song with lyrics from Youtube. Then I play the song and practise the lyrics with him. He takes 3 nights to sing it aloud words by words.

My best Valentine's gift is never such sweetest. (Hehe, my hubby was definitely defeated!!!) Thank you and I love you, my little lover!


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