Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Furniture: My Boy's Very First Bed

My Boy's Very First Bed: IKEA's HENSVIK Single Bed frame
We got a used travel cot (foldable) which had catered many babies in our families (my hubby's) in the past 10 years. It's still in good shape. Our boy slept in it up to 8 months. Then he shares a bed with us. Co-sleeping is good to bonding with baby but the con is there will be a hard time to make him sleeping alone on his bed later. In order to train him sleep alone (still share the room), we bought a kid's sized single bed and attached it to our bed. In addition, I ordered to tailor-made the fitted bedsheet which has colourful patterns (to attract him). Well, he still likes our bed better.

As we are sharing a room, he insists to sleep on our bed . He rolls back to our sides when we put him on the little bed. So the only solution is we lift him onto his single bed once he falls asleep.

Here are some tips sourced over the websites for your reference.
Click Link 1- How to teach your baby sleep alone?
Click Link 2- When can I let my baby sleep alone?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Recipes for Tots: Creative Bread-cuts

Recipes for Tots: Creative Bread-cuts
Need a refreshing way to make your little tots (toddlers) taking the breads? It's just as simple as 1-2-3. If you like baking, you may have some pastry cutters which come in different shapes such as hearts, flower, animals etc. I have DROMMAR pastry cutter set from IKEA but never got to use it until I came across a sandwich's recipe. I was happy to unload the set from my kitchen's drawer and give it a try. Indeed, it helps my little tot to learn the shapes in a fun way. Like here, I have animals' shaped cutters, I introduce them one by one to him.

How to do? The easiest one:
(1) Place one slice of plain bread on a clean chopping board.
(2) Choose a pastry cutter (featured in pictures: snail's shape) and Press it firmly on the bread slice.
(3) Remove the pastry cutter and also the excess bread slice's cut-outs.
(4) Serve the bread-cut directly or Spread peanut butter or fruit jam on it.

*To make cheese/ham sandwich, you can:
(1) Take two slices of plain breads and place one on a clean chopping board.
(2) On top of the bread slice, put one slice of cheese and/or ham.
(3) Stake another layer of bread slice and slightly press the sandwich (not too thick).
(4) Use a pastry cutter and press it firmly on the sandwich.
Remove the pastry cutter and also the excess bread cut-outs.
(6) Serve the sandwich directly.

Read List For My Boy - Volume 2

A Very Growing Mini Library: Treasures from littleRedReadingNook

Huh??? Are we going to raise a little bookworm? Looking at the book rack... We simply wish to pamper his love of books as early as in the childhood. If he loves books, he will love reading and surely he will treasure the books in the rack. Since his birth, I placed books (one in each place) in his surrounding such as beside his cot, inside our car and my nursery bag. Reading to him is my pleasure time. Today, he likes to carry book around and even picks his favourite one. His current fave word is "fire" which he learned it from "Room on the Broom" and "The Gruffalo's Child". Almost every night he asks us to read the books.

Recently, I found an online blog-bookstore (littleRedReadingNook, check my blog list) which covers a wide variety of children books. The prices are reasonable and the blogstore's owner is very helpful to source other titles (which are yet available in the blogstore). And promptly I received my books. Let's see what new books I have bought for my boy (or to feed the very growing mini library).*click the titles for book's details
Read list - Volume 2:
1) Maisy's Train (Board book) by Lucy Cousins
2) Lost and Found (Board book) by Oliver Jeffers
3) The Cat In The Hat (Pop-up Board book) by Theodor Geisel

Monday, March 29, 2010

Baby's Equipments: Cutlery Sets

My Baby's Self-feeding Equipments:
Stage 1 - Tommy Tippee's Travel Cutlery Set
At 8 months old, I noticed that my baby like to grasp the spoon from my hand when I fed him the porridge. However, I have let him eat fruit bits by his own (with fingers, wash them firstly!). He's quite good in taking the solid food. Then I decided to get a spoon for him to try 'self-feeding'. Finally I found this travel cutlery set from Tommy Tippee (see picture). The curvy handle fits my little boy's hands to grip on and to serve.

For your tip, it's feasible to choose a travel type which comes with a case to keep the cutlery set. For us, we will carry the travel cutlery set out. Most traditional restaurants don't provide kid's sized cutlery and therefore we need to prepare one set for our kid since he's been trained to self-feeding. After the meal, we just wipe clean the spoon&fork and put them back to the
case. Yes, our bag is clean still with the case. On the other hand, by introducing self-feeding with his own cutlery set, it makes his mealtime more fun as we all are dining together (not take turns to eat cold dishes as to feed him first).

Stage 2 - IKEA's SMASKA Cutlery Set
Coming to 18 months, I replaced my boy's first cutlery set with SMASKA's children cutlery set from IKEA. Except the knife, I give him the spoon & the fork only. And still, I will keep this cutlery set into the travel case (Tommy Tippee's) which fits them whenever we're out. Now, with this new set, there's no problem for him to eat anything. See how he took the pasta from the bowl.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

For Sale: Why Not A Glass Bottle?

My Boy's Very First Glass Bottle: Coddlelife's Borosilicate Glass Bottle

What is borosilicate glass?
It is the same kind of glass used in laboratories due to its superior strength, durability and ability to resist thermal shock, making it extra safe for your little one. Borosilicate glass is also much lighter than traditional glass that is used for baby bottles.

*Extremely resistant to high heat and breakage

*Lightest glass baby bottle on the market

*Soft, wide and stretchy nipple mimics breastfeeding action, preventing nipple confusions.

*Non-toxic, BPA, PVC, Lead & Phthalates Free

*Microwave, sterilizer and dishwasher safe

Retail Price: RM 61.80* per set

One Bottle
One Nipple
(Stage 1 for 0-3 months)
One Silicone Bottle Wrap
(colour per picture)

*Note: Subject to delivery charge
**Order @ Facebook via ""

Friday, March 26, 2010

Play n Learn: Alphabets In The Kitchen

Leap Frog's Fridge Phonics Magnetic Set

Yes, you could set up any learning corners in the house with the help of some innovative educational toys.

I got this Fridge phonics magnetic set from Leap Frog. This little magnetic learning tool keeps my boy to play around with the alphabets' phonics song and the individual alphabet's blocks attached on the fridge. At least, I have a little peace of time to do my cooking or washing in the kitchen.

In the beginning, I just put the 1st five alphabet's blocks and slowly add another five more. One day, I heard him singing the ABC's song (from scratches) but now he could sing it better from A to Z.

*I hardly hear him sing Alphabets' song these days. Yaa, I seldom cook in my kitchen now. I need to get him to practise the alphabets' song more often.

Funny Quotes From My Boy

Stepping into a new year.. so many changes to be adapted. I was a 9to5 employee, now I am a full time mom; my boy was looked after by a nanny, now he is staying with me all day long (every day). More time to spend with him, of course more patience is required too. Yes, I feel myself like a dormant volcano.. not active one but hopefully it won't erupt one day. However, I appreciate the angel's side of my little mischievous boy has. Sometimes his little talks can cheer me up for days... wondering how the little brainy works.

Quote 1:
Once our bedroom's light is off, we will hear our boy calling.
My boy: So many dark-dark, mommy, daddy!
Me or his daddy: It's very dark, dear.(LoL)
*Well, he understood the meaning although he misused it here. Like he always tell his daddy "so many cars" when we are on the main road.

Quote 2:
We got our boy a kid-sized bed attached to ours. But he still prefers to co-sleeping with us.
One night during CNY, my boy like usual night laid aside me on our bed.
Me: Boy, why don't you sleep on your little bed?
My boy: Because... I oioi (sleep) here.
*I was amused and amazed too.. he talked so reasonable by answering me "Because". After that night, I try to ask him many "why" questions..

Quote 3:
Last night, I read to my boy and his little fingers played around my hairs. Suddenly he showed me a hair and said "see mommy, hair... throw it"
Me: Yes, mommy's hair dropped... oh no, mommy will be bald!
My boy: Botak (*bald in B.M)? haha, mommy botak.. botak like Ah Kaw gong gong.
His talk was not ended yet and continued.
My boy: Mommy, hair spoilt, buy new one... pay money, say thank you. Ok? Ok.
*Oh no, he made a sense with it even though it's impossible to buy hair (except a wig) and to put it onto the head.

I believe if you spend little time (during bedtime) to talk with your kids. Over many conversations, you will see the progresses they have made day by day.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Over 1 Million Baby Slings Recalled

Days ago, US had recalled over 1 million baby slings which involved few brands (Click here to read the news) following claims linking them to three infant deaths. US Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a broad warning about sling-styled baby carriers, saying they posed suffocation hazards to infants especially babies under 4 months. Make sure the infant's face is not covered (face up) and is always visible to the sling's wearer. The potential risks:
1) the sling's fabric may press against the baby's nose and mouth, blocking the airway (breathing) and causing suffocation.
2) the sling may cause the infant's head to flop forward and restrict breathing.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Play n Learn: A Little Trick For Little One

My little boy used to like to jump on the bed whenever we put him to change diaper on it or to sleep... sure he enjoyed the bouncing fun a lot. Although it was funny to watch his "super jumps", we were scared if he would fall off or hit on the bed frame. Even we shouted "it's dangerous", he just continued to hop on and off with laugh.

Until a night, I said to my boy during bedtime "Jovie, mommy has something new to read for you tonight. Do you like to listen a new one?" and again I specified "yes, it's new one!" to get his attention. He nodded and quietly awaited.

Aloud I read this rhyme:
Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed (Show up 5 fingers & Wave them*like hopping)

One Fell Off and Bump his Head (Show Index finger & Point it down, then hand Hit on the head)

Daddy Called the Doctor and the Doctor Said: (One Hand aside the ear *to make phone call)

"No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed"
(Pretend to Talk like a stern old man and Move the extended index finger side by side *as if a "No"sign)

With the accompanying body actions, my curious boy thought it was cool and so he excitedly followed the way I talk and act. And amazingly the last phrase had caught his attention the most. Why said so?? The following night, he stood on the bed and tried to jump, in split second, he turned back and said " mommy... mommy... mommy (his way to catch my attention), can not jump on the bed ohhh..." Yes, my little trick worked and he quite understood it. Haha.. he acts like me to say the last phrase when his big daddy hops onto the bed sometimes. Daddy, you're caught!!!

Another way to distract my boy from jumping, we both play a simple action song on the bed. Guess you know how to sing "Row row row your boat". Sit face to face, stretch the arms and hold on each other, stretch the legs and put side by side like a boat. Then sing the song by moving the upper body forward and backward together as if rowing the oars.... so merry, isn't it?

P/S: Watch the example from Cullen'sABCs video clips @ youtube.

Love Our Earth!!!

Pass This Message to your family members and friends.

Earth Hour is a global event organized by WWF known as World Wildlife Fund and is held on the last Saturday of March annually, asking households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights and other electrical appliances for one hour to raise awareness towards the need to take action on climate change and to reduce the output of carbon dioxide from our electricity usage everyday..

Support EARTH our earth...stop global warming...let the earth rest for just one hour...

27 march 2010 8.30pm-9.30pm

all over the world will off light for 1 will make a big different...


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Organic Baby Sacque

Today, we not only can source organic foods for our little ones, but we can buy natural outfits which are made of organic cotton for them too. I guess a great lover of the mother earth is pleased to hear this.

Here I'd like to recommend an organic baby sacque (samples shown as left) from Kate Quinn (USA). Thanks to who is the first and sole seller to bring this brand into Malaysia. Just go to the website to check out the product's details and more latest and coolest colours.

Back to the topic, I didn't really know how to use a baby sacque until I read the blogs about it from coochicoo's owner. Recalled my baby's early months (1-2), we had to get up every 2-3 hours to change his diaper the whole night (in the daytime as well). As we dressed him in long pant for nightwear, it's quite a hassle to undress and dress him over and over. Poor little baby cried over the discomfort and we were exhausted of that too. Neither we got a good sleep. Therefore when I see this urban chic design of KQ's organic baby sacque, I've made up my mind to prepare one for my next baby (still in big '?' , ha ha). I believe that it's better than a sleeping bag (which looks thicker).

Monday, March 22, 2010

Play n Learn: Get Funs with YouTube

Great funs!!! So much fun to be explored with the Youtube. I was surprised to find out the storytelling that performed by the authors themselves. We (my boy and I) have been reading the books and now we get to watch the live storytelling. So far, we enjoy to watch Bill Martin Jr's "Brown Bear, Brown Bear. What Do You See" and also Michael Rosen's "We're Going on A Bear Hunt". note: click on the titles to the links and enjoy the video clips from youtube.

I absolutely like this one too: Cullen'sABC's and sure you'll. If you need an idea to read rhymes or to tell stories to your little ones... just go to watch the videos on this website, or just search them from Youtube's playlists. Check them out! Let's learn more interactive activities and make the learning path be more interesting for our little ones.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fantastic 3D Movie

Now we can watch 3D movie in cinemas... we missed "Avatar" but this time we finally spared a Friday night to watch 3D's "Alice in Wonderland". Wow, it's so so remarkable!!! And there's another 3D show, "How to Train A Dragon". Oh, I wished that I could bring my boy to watch it. Errrrr... if he could sit still in the seat; if he would be quiet to watch the show.. well, it sounded impossible to ask my 2-year old to do so.

But, I hope we could go to watch a movie together soon. It's a fun time to spend weekends with kids.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Read List For My Boy - Volume 1

My boy is 2+ now. As told previously, I started to get more books for him. Last saturday, we went to meet a friend at KLCC and later we went to the Kinokuniya bookstore. Since I had a list of books' titles in hand, I went straight to the children book's department to look for them one by one.

So happily we carried a bag full of books back home. On the night, my boy requested me to read one of them. Hooray, our mini library expands again!

Here's a list of the new books for my boy, Read list - Volume 1:
1. Brown Bear, Brown Bear. What Do You See? (Board book) by Bill Martin, Jr ; Eric Carle

2. 10 Little Rubber Ducks (Board book) by Eric Carle

3. Maisy's Fire Engine (Board book) by Lucy Cousins

4. We're Going on a Bear Hunt (Board book) by Michael Rosen ; illustrator: Helen Oxenbury

5. The Gruffalo's Child (Board book) by Julia Donaldson ; illustrator: Alex Scheffler

6. Room The Broom (Board book) by Julia Donaldson ; illustrator: Alex Scheffler

7. Dear Zoo (Board book) by Rod Campbell

8. The Very Hungry Caterpillar (Board book) by Eric Carle

Baby's Basic Sleepsuit

My baby's Favourite Sleepwear : Mothercare's Sleepsuits (A set of 3)

I like to visit Mothercare store to look at the multi-designs of the sleepsuit range. Like being at a candy shop, I couldn't make up my mind to choose which design for my little baby. Eventually I chose an unisex design so that either boy or girl could wear.(sample as the right picture)

One part that I like about this sleepsuit is the popper openings from top to bottom. It's so easy for us to change the diaper. Also, the cotton fabric is comfy. I bought size 3-6 months and my baby wore them up to 10 months old. I was happy with these sleepsuits and I think my baby was too.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Furniture: A Mini Library

IKEA "HENSVIK" storage unit
The 1st piece furniture we bought for our new baby is a 4 Tiers rack in white from IKEA. It recalled me to a funny story.
I told my hubby that I need a space to put the baby/parenting's magazines and books (which increase monthly) in our bedroom. He didn't allow it at first as there's a "pantang larang" rule of not moving furniture and hammering things in the house during pregnancy. Finally my hubby gave in and let me buy it. One night we brought this rack home and he assembled it then moved it to our bedroom. What happened next? Our courteous neighbour gave him a lesson about the "pantang larang" once she saw him watering in the garden next day. She overheard the noisy hammering sound last night.Oh no, it's indeed my fault. Sorry hubby.

Nevertheless, I'm glad that we have bought this rack. Other than restaurants, I think the next frequently visited place is book stores. Buying book is like a therapy to ease my tension and fear during the whole 9 months. It's so nice to look and read the parenting books as well as the children books.

The 2nd book I purchased and read for my new baby is
"The Tale of Peter Rabbit" by Beatrix Potter but I selected the sound book version. Since then, I would buy any bunny-related books and even a flush bunny from IKEA. Don't you think the design of this rack look quite old English? Ya, partly I was inspired by Beatrix Potter's collections.

Now, this rack is nearly full in capacity (80% books and magazines) and I'm thinking how to convince my hubby to buy a small book rack for my boy's playroom. My current choice is IKEA's "MAMMUT" red shelf.

Children Book: Brown Bear, Brown Bear. What Do You See?

Brown Bear, Brown Bear. What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr, Eric Carle

2 months ago, we celebrated our boy's 2 year old birthday. At age of 2, he can run faster; he can speak in sentence; he can tell out his name and our names (even his both grandparents' names). What a milestone... And I noticed that the books which have been used in the past 2 years (*2 story books, 1 nursery rhymes and 5 baby picture books) are no longer satisfying him. He can continue to read the words or some sentences once we pause at certain lines or paragraphs.

1st stage (0 - 12 months) :
  • Read words/sentences with pitch and point at the words while reading
  • Sing nursery rhymes and do actions along ie: Ten Little Indians, Old MacDonald's, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Intcy Wincy Spider, ABC's song etc
2nd stage (12 - 24 months) :
  • Pause to read the last word(s) in sentences and let your little ones say (in early days they may not get it correctly but they will memorise all after more practices).
  • Sing or read more rhymes with actions ie: Row Your Boat, Five Little Monkeys, The Wheels On The Bus etc
It's time to introduce more books (more words/sentences) to my little boy. So I went online to search for the titles. The 1st batch of books (from an internet bookstore) arrived a week after Chinese New Year and one of the books is from the famous author of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar", Eric Carle. We read this to him every day and after a week, he is able to tell us the animals once we mention the colour. We ask "Brown..." then he answers "Bear" or "Blue..." then he answers "Horse". Sometimes, we read the 1st page then lift up the next page to let him see the next animal and he'll tell what it is. Thus, i think this is quite an interesting book to instil your little one's reading interest.

It's a good one to learn about colours and animals.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Baby's Equipments: Bumbo Baby Sitter

A cousin just informed me of her new pregnancy. Congrats! Days ago we met up in a family occasion and both of us talked about baby stuff. Oh ya, this reminded me of some baby equipments and newborn's clothing stored in the boxes for years. Some we bought and most we got them from our sister in-laws (save up a lot).
One of the innovative baby equipments that we purchased is a training sitter from Bumbo. See product picture.

We put our 4-months baby onto this Bumbo baby sitter when we play with him in the living hall (about 10-30 minutes, prolong the sitting time slowly with baby's capacity). Or if you have the play tray, you can attach it onto the sitter and place some toys on the tray.

Coming to 6-months, we feed him baby food from this baby sitter and later we let him to eat by himself.

All the times we seat our baby in the Bumbo baby sitter, we follow the below safety rules closely:
  • Never leave baby alone in the sitter
  • Never place the sitter (with baby on) at any raised surfaces (ie couch/sofa, chair, stairs, bed) other than ground level.
However, we stop putting him in the baby sitter after we see him arching back. He learns to crawl and he is freely moving to anywhere... much fun than just sitting in a baby sitter.

Despite we just used it for less than 6 months... but now, i can lend it to my cousin (more in the future).

P/S: I found a link about the hazards and the instructions regarding the usage of Bumbo baby sitter.
*Another brand-BeBe Pod and read the comparisons

Monday, March 15, 2010

Play n Learn: Baby Counts 1 to 10

Every night I hold my son's little hand walking up the staircase (double storey). We count each step: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 .... bing bong!!! (a special sound effect two of us created) and repeat the numbers until we reach the bedroom. This daily activity has been started since he's still a baby. Firstly, I held him in my arms and read the numbers aloud. Sooner, he can talk and follow my words... then, he can walk and step up and count by himself... from 1 to 3, then 1 to 5, and by the age of 2, he can count 1 to 10.

This morning, he spoke ahead me, "Mommy, give me Five" after we completed some drawings. So i gave him a Hi-five... then he said, "make it Ten!" and lifted up his another hand. We clapped and laughed. I felt my efforts rewarded as... my little boy starts to understand basic Maths.

Many ways to introduce "Numbers" to babies, but I find babies pick up faster when you learn with them together.

(1) Read/Sing Rhymes: count his/her little fingers while reading/singing the rhymes
  • Ten Little Indian Boys
  • One, Two, Three, Four, Five (...once i caught a fish alive...)
  • Five Little Monkeys (... jumping on the bed...)
(2) Read books (Numbers): teach the "numbers" in Arabic & word form; introduce some stories like "Three Little Pigs" (learn 1st, 2nd & 3rd) and "Ten Rubber Ducks by Eric Carle" (count the ducks)

(3) Climb up/Go Down Stairs: begin with 1 to 5, then 1 to 10. (Repeat the numbers)

(4) Do Action's Signs: impress babies with simple actions involving numbers
  • Say "1,2,3, (let's) go/run/start" before playing a game or carrying out an activity - show your fist in the air and point out fingers one-by-one (3 fingers).
  • "Give me Five" - show up one hand and clap with his/her hand (don't forget to count his/her little five fingers and re-do this action again); Once he/she can tell this phrase, then you can add another phrase "Make it Ten" (count all ten fingers).

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Children Book: Three Bears and Other Tales

Three Bears and Other Tales (Board book) by Tomie dePaola

Includes 3 Classic Short Stories
- Goldilocks and The Three Bears
- The Little Red hen
- The Three Little Pigs

This is the first story book I read for my baby (started before he was born) every night. I took advise from a pre-natal education book. It's reckoned that reading can help to boost babies' brain development (or memory capacity) especially during the first early years (0-3). How? Just pick few short stories (so that you can swap each every night)... and only repeat to tell the same stories (you have started with) for about a year.

Also, you could choose to read some nursing rhymes or sing songs to babies. One important rule, not to be too aggressive, just choose few and repeat them every day at different time (play time, before nap/bedtime).

You'll surprise to the amazing moments........ find out how your baby can learn to speak the 1st word and sing the 1st song. The older your baby grows, the more he learns.

P/S: For this book, I chose to read him "The Three Little Pigs" since I knew my baby was a boy. He's 2 years old now but he's still asking me to read it. Sometimes he mimics the wolf to blow the house... haha, so cute!


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