Saturday, October 30, 2010

African Safari @ Home

Other than toy vehicles, my boy enjoys the miniature toys of animal too. Sometimes, he sets a battle between a tiger and a lion or a leopard and an elephant. Sometimes, he takes few of them to nap together or even take shower with him. Although my boy hasn't met any of these animals in real (in the Zoo), he learns most of them from picture books.

Still remembered that he would see a tiger's picture and say it's a lion. Haha.. but now he's playing the toy animal everyday, it's impossible he could name them wrongly again.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Like Father Like Son

.... Almost 3 weeks, I've not been blogging. I'm not lazy, but I'm tired. Excuse? Excuse! Ha ha ...Today, I can't think of any ideas to write about. Still I have some funny photos of my boy to share here. A week ago, I was taking picture of some products while my boy played his toys. Suddenly he walked to me and asked me to take picture for him. Alright, I took few. Flash 1, flash 2, flash 3... then he offered to make different expressions.

"Mommy, look... I'm angry".... "I laugh" .... "I cry".... "I'm scared".... "I smile"... In minutes, my boy amazed me with all kinds of funny emotions which he could think of. Oh no, my hubby or his daddy, used to like to do so in front of camera too. Now, it proves that our son has inherited his cheeky "gene".


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