Monday, May 03, 2010

Play n Learn: "Vroomm..." on a 3D Road Map

My boy's Favourite 3D-Playmat: ELC's 3D Road Map

Yes, it's a 3D playmat from ELC. The trees, the bridges and the buildings are all inflatable. Since having a child, I become a patron of Children stores, either apparels or toys, I like to check out the latest items.

"Think Toys" (or used to be "ELC") is top of my favourite children's Toy store. I bought this 3D playmat last year and opened it up on the floor. Unbelievable, 90% of the 3D figures are still inflated in good shape until today... imagine the inner air was pumped nearly a year ago.

Many think that this 3D playmat surely cost me a lot because the flat one is not cheap either. In fact, the price is lower than the other flat playmats in the store. Maybe it's made of plastic. I bought it for RM 69. Good deal, right? It's easier to let my boy learn about the buildings (ie hospital, shop, post office) which are presented in 3D form on this playmat. And learning on-the-road terms piece by piece.

Vroom, vroom, drive past a hospital and go straight to the roundabout... Watch out, there's a traffic light ahead! It's red light, STOP and WAIT... now it turns green, GO. Turn Right.

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