Sunday, November 21, 2010

Last Day @ Toddler Class

My boy likes to attend his once-a-week Toddler Class. Unfortunately, last month we were informed by his teacher that their centre can't conduct any classes for children aged below 4 from next year. It's pretty upset us especially our boy and we doubt if he can understand about it.

the last day arrives. All parents have been well informed by the teacher in advance to bring some party food for the kids after class. Yes, a farewell party to all!!! Once the party table is set up with the food and surrounded by the kids, song is playing on the disc and kids are enjoying the snacks... whilst the parents are busy in snapping photos of their lovely kids for keepsake.

Well.. we did explain to our boy that he'd have a long holiday break after the day. Haha.. for him, i think everyday makes no difference, staying home or going out.

Monday, November 15, 2010


My boy has been playing megablock set for more than 2 years. Recently I can notice that he starts to get bored on it. So I tell my hubby that maybe we can let him play some "Lego" bricks. We finally bought one set home. The ideal age is 4+but we trust our boy understands the safety rule to handle such tiny bits. We have educated him from early. He never puts coins or any hard (not edible) particles into his mouth.

On the first "Lego"
lesson, my boy was happily (as usual) to open up the packs filled with "Lego" bricks and asked his daddy to play together. Wow.. the big man and the small boy looked so serious in assembling their "Lego" bits. I quickly took my camera to catch some shots. In the end, only daddy managed to build his first "Lego ship"... haha... in his lifetime.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Why? Because...

Recently... my boy likes to ask everything in details. His current fave words are "Why" and "Because" followed with the big '?' question mark. One answer simply can not make him satisfied. He wants to know more and more. For example, he asked me one night when he found daddy's not back home yet.

My boy: "Why daddy hasn't come home? so late already..."
I replied him that daddy was out to meet a friend.
Continuously my boy asked: "Because???"
Oh no, again he wanted to know why. I explained: "Well, because daddy has something to discuss with his friend and that's why daddy will come home late."
Still my boy was curious about it and said: "Because daddy's friend don't know something, is it?"
Errrrhhh....... how should I give him a satisfying answer??? On the other hand, I don't want to discourage his power of questioning. So I tried to distract him away from this topic with a final answer plus throw a new question: "Yes dear, you're right. Daddy needs to help his friend on something and so he goes to meet him. Hey, where's your car (toy)? Let's find it now."

Finding another "topic/target" is one of the best strategies to put an end to the previous topic while I really can't think of anymore good points or reasons for his 'Why & Because'. Hope you enjoyed the world of "Why??? Because..." like me soon.


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