Thursday, May 06, 2010

From Words To A Sentence

Every morning, my boy asks his first question once he wakes up. "Mommy, go where?" Until this morning, he spoke to me while laying on the bed, "Mommy, where are you going?" I was stunned for awhile although I knew he speak few simple sentences but not this one yet. How good he can speak of now?
"Daddy go (should be goes) to work." , now he says "Daddy go to office puchong"; "Mommy go to work." , now he says "Mommy is in gong gong's shop, working";

Also he can phrase his thoughts now. (In fact, some were spoken by us to him before.)
About naughtiness: "Mommy, I made Jia-Jia (grandma) angry. I throw things."
About sick: "Mommy, I sick... have to see doctor and put injection."

To make little one to speak better, it's advised that parents should converse in appropriate phrases or/and in complete sentence. Sometimes, we can hear some using "kiddy" words to speak with their young kids. For examples (in mandarin version) :

drink "water" --> drink "coke-coke"
eat "food" --> eat "mang-
go "shopping" --> go "gai-gai"
sleep --> "ooi-ooi" Our parents still talk to our boy with kiddies but we both insist to speak to him in a proper way.

Besides, reading helps babies/toddlers to speak well too. It enriches their vocabularies and also stimulates their minds (to think). Like "The Very Hungry Caterpillar", my boy learned the meaning of "stomachache". Days ago, I told him that Jia-jia (grandma) had stomachache and warned him not to sit on Jia-jia's tummy. Suddenly he looked so upset and said to me, "Jia-jia, stomachache? Jia-jia eat so many things?" Look, reading benefits our little ones.

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