Thursday, May 27, 2010

Book Review: We're Going On A Bear Hunt

Book Review # 3: We're Going on A Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen

This book was just purchased 2 months ago. It's a nice and humor short story for young readers to follow the flows from beginning to the end. The story is about a family who took on an adventure to trail a bear but was later chased after by the bear.

I like this book. Through reading this book, my boy learns many new phrases like "go over", "go under", "go through", "go upstairs", "back downstairs", "open the door" and "shut the door". These phrases are so commonly applied in our daily activities.
Anytime I will rehearse the actions with my boy when I see there's a chance. Like coming back from outside, I'll quote "Quick, shut the door, don't let the bear come in!" when we enter house; or sometimes, i forgot to pick up something from downstairs, I'll say "Oh no, I forgot to take xxx, back downstairs!". Soon and sooner, he understands how to use these phrases too. *Tips: Try to use the same words/phrases of a book with your little ones in daily activities whenever there's a chance to impress them.

After reading this book, my boy also quotes his own favourite phrase - "What's that?". By that time, questioning power is at his peak. He never stops using this phrase every hour every day. Until one day, I don't tell him the answer but I ask him the same. Just pretending that I'm curious to know too... at least, he's thinking too to tell me the answer. When he tells me the correct answer, I'd praise him then he will be happy. A win-win situation.

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