Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Home Project 2: The Very Hungry Caterpillar's DIY book

For our 2nd home project, I managed to get some ideas from the website. We made a DIY book based on the same story. Just I use fill-in-the-blank format to do this book. My boy can stick the appropriate image (of the word) to each blank (in fact, the words are printed in shadow). In other hand, the print-out images are in blank for colouring purpose.
1st Step: Type the story and Copy the images. Print out.
2nd Step: Colour the images. (cut out the images for fill-in-the-blank)
3rd Step: Bind the DIY book.
4th Step: Read the DIY book and stick the appropriate image one by one. (see left)
*Have a look at the DIY book's cover & contents via below videoclip:

Besides, this book was featured in his toddler class last week as well as a topic for the art project (see right-the beautiful butterfly). While his teacher holds up the big book version, he happily pointed the book to me and said "Mommy, caterpillar book, I have this in the house". His teacher also surprised that he could name many such as caterpillar, strawberries, oranges, cocoon and butterfly. I'd just say: Good job.

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