Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Play n Learn: Springwood Farm Quoits

It's another wooden toy set from ELC. Guess my hubby can't say anything once he read this post. Haha... a "beautiful lie" from a shopaholic mum. This toy is actually for kids aged 3-8. But I bought it when my boy was just almost 1yo. Too crazy? Not so, I feel lucky to buy it first because it's no longer available now. (Good enough for an excuse?!)

Farm Quoits is perfect to play outdoor and indoor.
As the weather looks so extreme (hot and wet) recently, we don't bring our boy to the playground as to avoid him catching a cold. Finally I took the Springwood Farm Quoits out from our store and unpacked it last weekend. How happy he was to help me set up the quoits on the floor. But what he can learn??? Learn about the farm animals like sheep, rabbit, horse, chicken, duck and cow and also the numbers* (1 to 6). *Elder kids can learn to count the scores from their throws of rope over the animal targets.

It's a fun game to play together with kids for the purposes like family leisure and home parties.
Per label's reference, this Farm Quoits is aimed for:
(i) Physical Development: helps little ones develop coordination, balance and strength
(ii) Hand and Eye Coordination: helps little ones use their hands effectively and develop good reflexes;
(iii) Social Skills: helps little ones learn how to make friends and enjoy company.

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