Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Honour Him A "Super" Status

That's it. We granted our 2+y.o boy a "super" title with what he is doing. Now he will sit well on his car seat or a highchair when we ask him to take his "super" seat.

Months ago, after we realised that our boy has declared his 1st independence from us (ie walk by himself (resist to hold hands); bathe by himself; dress up by himself and sit like us (without highchair & car seat), we start to worry about his safety. Until I read him this book "Room on Broom" by Julia Donaldson, the phrase of "magnificent broom" gave me the idea about "super" term. Next day in the car, I spoke to my boy who stood beside me.
I asked: Boy, would you like to sit on your "super" seat? It's "super" seat, only you got it, you know?
He turned to me and replied curiously: Yes... Super seat, I got. Mommy no? (new term easily caught his attraction)
I answered: Yes, mommy and daddy don't have. Only you got.

To our delight, he quickly moved to the car seat and sat on it till we reached our destination. He is happy with the new status. To protect his little pride in showing-off his little independence, we continue with this soft tactic to coax him (like his "super" bed or "super" chair or "super" car-trolley/pram). Indeed, little ones have self-esteem from young age! We understand that our little one wished to act like us to do things by his own. So we no longer use "baby" kind of term on his items. We let him feel that he has grown up mentally with the honour - "super".

Just think about what your little ones like.

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