Friday, June 18, 2010

My Boy's 1st Birthday Gift

ELC's Large Wooden Bead Frame

Toy Store is another place that I always visit when I go to a mall, especially the Early Learning Centre (ELC) from UK.
*currently ELC branches in Malaysia (The Curve & Pavilion KL) are called "Think Toys" and the range of ELC is lesser now. You may find some ELC's products at Mothercare. Amongst ELC's product ranges, my fave is the wooden range. In my perception, I think wooden toys are more durable than plastic toys. Ohhh... I had eyed on this Large Wooden Bead since I first visited the store. Finally I bought it as a birthday present for my baby's 1st birthday. (RM 110)
I like the chunky and colourful beads shaped in different objects (ie flowers, vehicles, bees and butterflies). My 1y.o boy enjoyed moving and pushing the beads along the spiral wires from one side to the other end.

Per label's reference, this bead frame is aimed for:
(i) Problem Solving: teach little ones how to work things out for themselves
(ii) Hand and Eye Coordination: helps little ones use their hands effectively and develop good reflexes.
P/S: More ELC items are available through Mothercare.


Jodi said...

Can you tell me where you found this large version - I've only seen the small ELC bead frame here in KL.

sweet11 said...

Hi Jodi, thanks for dropping by. Now only can get some ELC toys from Mothercare, but I don't think this large bead frame is still available. Well, you may try ELC Singapore, here's the link

gift to Philippines said...

Wow! my son will also love this kind of gift he like the colourful beads shaped in different objects thank you so much for sharing.



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