Monday, June 21, 2010

Home Project 3: DIY Father's Day Card

Happy Father's Day!!! (It was yesterday) Here's the DIY card that we (my boy and I) made together for his daddy. Of course, the cutting work was all done by me. My boy just watched how I do.

This DIY card was made from the recycled materials like Kinokuniya Newsletters and an open-window envelope (plastic for making the glasses). First of all, I cut the "face" out and then cut different shapes like triangle, oval, circle, rectangle and square to assemble the parts like nose, eyes, eyebrows, hairs, ears and mouth on the "face".

Upon completing it, I gave my boy a small test regarding the names of the organs (face) and the shapes. For example,
I pointed the "nose" and asked: What is this?
My boy: Nose.
I asked again: What shape is this?
My boy: Triangle.
Or another example,
I asked: Where is the Square?
My boy pointed the glasses: Here.
I continued: What is this?
My boy: Daddy's glasses.
*Repeat similar questions with the rest to test how much your little ones have learned.

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