Saturday, June 12, 2010

Baby Goes Green: Pocket Cloth Diapers

Back to our baby times, our moms wrapped our bottoms on piece of squared white cotton napkin or cloth diaper. During that time, napkins were secured by big safety pins. Today, napkin fasteners (with three-side hooks) are highly recommended and sooner substituting the safety pins. Napkin fastener looks much safer but the con is that it can't hold the napkin as secured as the safety pin. In order to minimise the usage of disposable diapers, I'm still hoping to get a better alternative.

Until my baby was about 3 months old, my hubby emailed me a local website which sells pocket cloth diapers. It's introduced by his friend who bought few for her baby. Once I visited the website, I immediately urged my hubby to order the Sampler Pack (2 pieces). Yes, it was what I looking for - Blueberry's Cloth Diaper. Then I realised it's a premier brand (made in USA) in the market. The price I paid was about RM 120 per piece (now it's RM 100+). Certainly you can't compare its quality:
  • Outer layer - Ultra-soft Minky (plush "micro-fibre") that keeps wetness in
  • Inner layer - High quality Microfleece that keeps baby's bottom dry
  • Insert - Organic cotton or Bamboo cotton that provides superb absorbency
  • Designs - Varieties of funky and colours for laminated Minky
Commonly pocket diapers comes with 2 types of closures: (1) Hook & Loop (Velcro) ; (2) Snap (buttons). I chose one each for my Sampler Pack. Based on my experience, I found out my baby outgrow in the Snap closure faster than Hook&Loop (H&L).(see picture above - Baby @ 10 mths old wore Blueberry) H&L (size L) can hold up my baby well from 4 mths to 1 year old. Diaper changing is as easy as 123 at home - snap on or snap out. Also, you are not only saving up a lot of money but you are saving the Earth. It's worth the investment.

It's happy to know that many new moms are using pocket cloth diapers. Regardless the premier Minky type or the budget PUL type, they work same for the functions (easy-wear, save money & environmental-friendly). Currently I stock in some HAUTE's pocket diapers and sell them at attractive price, RM 30 per piece... to support your baby goes GREEN.

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