Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Book Review: Dr.Suess's ABC

Book Review # 4: Dr.Seuss's ABC (An Amazing Alphabet Book)
I have bought few titles from Dr.Seuss's collection. Included this one. But I still haven't read it to my 2y.o boy because I think he's still young to adapt the "amazing part" of this book. In this book, you can find many weird animals (not seen in the real world) with funny/silly names. Really amazing... Nevertheless, the author is brilliant to write the playful sentences which create tongue-twisted fun as well as to attract the young readers with his wild n crazy drawings. Definitely I want to read it to my boy when he grows older (ie 4 y.o).

Never expected that his daddy has downloaded an i-book app from Mac-Apple (for iphone or ipad). No doubt that my boy was so attracted to view the i-book version of "Dr.Seuss ABC". I-book can be viewed via 3 different options, "Read-to-me", "Read-it-myself" and "Auto-play". For my boy, he was delighted because of the "touch" effect which can play "sounds"... which he can't get it from the normal book. But it aroused his interest to read this book.

Last night, my boy wanted his daddy to read this book. So his daddy held the book but my boy who sat on his lap was moving his index finger on the pages... then asked "why no sound?". Hilarious... (I looked at my hubby -- his i-book's fault) My hubby entertained his little boy and said "you point it again".. once my boy point at an image or a sentence, my hubby will read.. as if using "Read-it-myself" @ i-book. But there's a little argument arisen with 1st alphabet.
His daddy read: Aunt Annie's Alligator..
My boy said:
Ooi.... crocodile!
(point to the picture, see left)
His daddy repeated:
Alligator. It's alligator.

My boy opposed: No, crocodile!
I explained:
Crocodile and alligator look "same". (how to explain?)

My boy finally said:
Aunt Annie's Alligator Crocodile.
(haha, agreed to me?)
I decided to continue reading this book to him (not to wait till 4 y.o). I like how the book conveys uppercase and lowercase letters and produces the fun words in rhyme.

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