Monday, June 14, 2010

We Went to A Mini Bird Park

Yesterday we brought our boy to Ikano Power Center to visit the Bird Park II. It's held at the main concourse area. We can see some small and big closure (cage) with birds residing in.

After we had a quick brunch @ Kluang station cafe, we headed to the indoor Bird Park. My hubby asked "why the bird park is so small?" when we entered the biggest walk-in "cage" to get an up close distance with some birds like Malay-eagle, Ibis,Peacock, Flamingo, cockatoo, Pigeons, wild ducks and small chicks. I answered him "Hey man, it's free entrance!". We were not able to stop for photo-taking as the crowds kept flocking into the "cage".

Oh no, I've told my boy that we're going to see owl at the Bird Park too.. but I can't spot any in the biggest closure. So we walked out
with a little disappointment. We continued with few more small cages located at the other corner and came to the last cage (covered with shade) we met the owl.

At last, we went to the photo booth to take a photo with the tamed parrots for remembrance (RM10). Sure we will visit the KL Bird Park @ Lake Gardens one day.

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