Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Says "No" To E-games

In my previous post, I commented about the use of i-book for my boy. Worried if he will lose interest in books. However, it's hard to avoid electronic impact in our current daily lifestyle. Like myself, I always online to write blog and go to Facebook. My boy can tell "computer","handphone" and "remote controller" which I don't think I'd know such things during my time. Even some of the kids I know have their private email accounts and many have registered with Facebook as well. Hence, I really need to monitor my usage of internet at my boy's sight.

Electronic games are very popular amongst the young kids like Game boy or PSP, Playstation and Wii. Many parents reward their kids for good academic performances; some parents buy these for entertainment. With more and more new inventions, I'm very scared that my tot will indulge in the E-world be
fore he attends school. I really miss the childhood time I had with my siblings and neighbours. On windy days, we played kites in the field; on rainy days, we went to find the tadpoles in the drains (after rain).

For my 2 y.o boy, we only can play at indoor. So I need to invent some games to play with him and make him happy. These days, we enjoy throwi
ng balls into basket. During playtime, I instill simple rules for him: (1) queue behind me after his turn (2) take turns to throw. An experienced mum advised me to rotate different types of 'Play n Learn' materials. New things can challenge and inspire children learning spirit. Just lucky that I got many used stuffs from my sister-in-laws. (see one at right) Slowly I take one out for my boy to play. Wished I could delay my boy in making his commitment to E-generation.

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