Friday, June 11, 2010

New Facelift For so-sweetcloset I have just applied for a new design for this blog, so-sweetcloset. (*only for those who have visited or followed my blog may alert of the change) Actually I like the old design alot but it no longer fits my blog. The new design gives a fresh and clean look here.

6 months ago, I just resigned a 9to5 job to become a full-time mother. Also, I am operating online selling business in small scale but also trying to take over family business. I have to adapt myself to the new challenges and new schedules. Same to my family, my husband and our 2 y.o boy. Am I too ambitious? Or selfish?
It's quite complicated to tell my new status. At first, I thought I could spare more time to look after my boy with the new roles. After 6 months, I realise that I need to reposition myself amongst the roles I'm doing.. yes, before I lost.

1st Role: 24h Mother to my beloved boy
I have to say "sorry again" to my boy because I'm not able to look after him around the clock. I need to focus on the family business soon. But I'm feeling better that I've the flexibility to fulfill certain tasks in my boy's daily life. Like we can have breakfast together and I can fetch him to/from kindergarten later.

2nd Role: Online selling business
In May, I have switched the Sale of remaining children stocks to the hottest network - Facebook under account of "". We will keep our passions in promoting eco-baby products like Glass bottle and Cloth diaper. Think GREEN if you have options.

3rd Role: Small family business
It's never been so easy to take over a business which runs for 20+ years. It's unlike studying the economy or accounting... then I can handle it. The most challenging part is how to get familiar with the human network, ie the suppliers (small or big), the customers and also the competitors. Just lucky that I get a chance to learn with my parents. So I need to devote greater effort and time as to sail it alone one day.

4th Role: Blog-a-Mum
I definitely will spare time to continue my first and only blog. so-sweetcloset is like a diary of my parenting life as well as a keepsake to my toddler when he's grown up. Sharing with you about my thoughts and my experiences and my materials on bringing up a child.

Wish me luck and thank you.

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