Thursday, April 01, 2010

Play n Learn: How To Learn Words?

It's great to read some blogs which are written by mothers. Like now, I'm looking for a method to get my little boy to learn words in a fun way. I know he's so good in picture memory. He can say the word if I show him the related picture; Or he can tell the next word/sentences if I read the opening (of each sentence). By hearing, he's learning; by looking, he's learning. But he's not learning by words.

In fact, I received a set of Glenn Doman's flash cards from my sister-in-law which she bought for her 1st child > 10 years ago. Well, I flashed initially my baby boy with the graphic cards
(in black & white) in first 6 months. But I didn't continue with the text flash cards (red coloured texts) when he liked to chew or tear the cards. Last night, I began to flash him with the single-word cards. While I flashed the cards (6 words), he held his books and impatiently asked me to read for him. Oh this reminded me about the another set of Glenn Doman's Math cards (from same person this year). Not to scare my little boy with too many "materials", I should take steps to do them.

Perhaps I need to get ready with the interactive methods of teaching my tot to learn words and maths (which inspired by other mum-bloggers). I will share about it later. Most importantly, we should aware that the younger the child, the easier the learning process.
"Before the age of five a child can easily absorb tremendous amounts of information. If the child is younger than four it will be easier and more effective, before three even easier and much more effective, and before two the easiest and most effective of all." - Glenn Doman

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