Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Little Tot Was Hit By HFMD

Last friday, I got a call from my tot's English Learning Centre about one case of HFMD (Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease) and one diagnose of suspected H1N1 in the past two weeks. As I just returned from overseas, any local news, small or big was totally out-of-my-mind. Coincidentally my boy missed a class last Sunday. Should I let him attend the class this sunday although the whole centre has been sanitized?

I brought my boy to the class as usual. But it's so unusual when we reached the classroom. Only my boy came for the class. Teacher confided me that I could leave him with her. So I waited at the reception but sms my hubby about this matter. My hubby replied and he asked me to reconsider the safety issue. Our boy had been hospitalised twice due to the lungs infection. Well, since we were there and he's the only student in the class, I gave it a green light.

OMG... I was wrong. After three days, he was confirmed infected with mild HFMD which rashes spotted in the throat.
Monday, he could drink milk and eat porridge. Until evening, he refused to take dinner.
I could feel his body was warmer (tested 38.2). I gave him the fever syrup and started to worry about the influenza. But I observed that he just had mild fever and no appetite. No sneezing or coughing and no flu.
Tuesday, I noticed that his fever went down after the dosage. Still he refused to eat solid food, only asked for water and milk (remained same quantity). Sometimes, he would tell that he wanted to vomit. He played well and slept well.
Wednesday, again he just asked for water and milk. His eyes looked so tiring (oh, the genetic dark circles even darker) despite he slept as much as usual. In the evening, fever was back and remained 38.4-38.8 (under dosage of fever syrup).
Thursday, I brought him to see doctor and doctor confirmed him on mild HFMD (viral infection in mouth). He explained that the HFMD takes about 3-5 days to develop. The patient will have mild fever in the early 1-3 days but later the rash spots will occur in mouth, hand palm and foot... but for my boy, it's just found within the throat. He also advised us to serve cool water and milk as not to hurt the swollen throat. Ice cream maybe served to ease the sore (not given if has flu or cough).

I basically know about the fact if a person has fever... it means the virus/bacteria invades the immunity system. My boy's past history, he always has flu-fever with immediate symptoms like sneezing, high fever, excessive phlegm, coughing. Unlike this time, he just had mild fever, sore throat and vomiting. A new experience for us but we learned a lesson. Pity our boy.

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