Monday, April 05, 2010

My Boy's Very First Class

I enrolled my 2y.o boy for a toddler program from this January. The class is held for one hour and once a week. I accompany my tot to attend the class. Maximum 10 tots in a class with a teacher (certified foreign English teacher). In the class, my boy gets to socialise with other tots in about same age.. they sing, they paint, they play and they learn in a group. (see picture- one of their colouring arts displayed at the wall) Although the tots don't seem talking to each other, they do know the existence of each other. They learn to share the painting tools as well as to queue for their turns in the playground. More importantly, my tot is stimulated to converse in English. Back home, he speaks more in Mandarin... little by little, we can see his progress in learning languages bilingually.

Now he's in 2nd term and getting so excited to go. Last Sunday, we were so thrilled about his little talks when we drove him to the class. 1st, while driving up to the highway, he yelled "mommy, so many lorries over there" when he saw some big trucks passing ahead our car. His daddy and I were silent for a second then we laughed hilariously. Our boy could make a short sentence in English. Next, I asked him where we go and he said "I go to class". Again I asked about his teacher's name and he replied "Mrs Seabourne"... though he pronounced it like 'sea-bon'.

We need to plant many seeds before we can reap more fruits. Thus, we as parents shall work together with our kid for a better future.

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