Friday, April 02, 2010

Home Project 1: Transportation

My little boy has two books from Maisy's transportation series. Maisy's Fire Engine and Maisy's Train. Undoubtedly, I can start with his very first study project under this theme - "transportation". As such, I logged on to and tried to look out for more transportation's illustrations this whole day. Finally, I managed to get the "copy and paste"* stuff done. I also typed some related keywords for labels.

Here's one of my examples. *note: Illustrations are only for the usage of private teaching. Please respect the author's right.

Firstly, I will cut out the pictures as well as the labels individually. Then, I retell the story with the related pictures and request my boy to arrange them in sequence.

After completing the two books' recite, I will show him the other pictures of transportation. We can have a words game together. Use the pictures and labels. For instance, matching the mode or the sound or the place with the appropriate transportation.
I will show you the final look of his very first study project later.

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