Sunday, April 25, 2010

Recipes for Tots: Mee Hoon Kuey & Mickey's Pancake

My boy is still suffering with sore mouth. His gum is swollen now. He can't brush his teeth for days (will cause bleeding to the gum) and therefore I have to use cotton bud to clean his teeth. Luckily my hubby reminded me of this method which is used for cleansing baby's mouth. Our boy has been surviving on milk and water in the past few days. The loss of appetite makes him losing weight which is worrying me.

On this weekend, I've prepared few recipes to spur my boy's appetite which are as follow:

Brunch on Saturday - My boy's favourite "Mee Hoon Kuey"
This is a simple homemade chinese version of pasta (in fact, p
asta is originated from China) and it's so commonly found in any local food stalls or kopitiams (cafeteria).

Ingredients are simple, mix 200g plain flour + 100ml water + 2 teaspoons salt + 1 egg + 1 big tablespoon Olive oil (add oil lastly). Form the mixture into a dough, make small leave-shaped skin with small portion of dough (press it against the big thumb and index finger) and boil it in "Ikan bilis" soup. Here, I specially use the dessert moulds to make few animal-looked "Mee Hoon Kuey" (see picture at right) for arousing my boy's craving. He did finish a small bowl. Note: I just made few of these to be mixed with the normal shaped "Mee Hoon Kuey". Actually the normal "Mee Hoon Kuey" is more ideal to crave because the moulded one is too thick and big.

Breakfast on Sunday - Mickey's Pancake with Peach Puree
For Pancake (Makes about 8-10 pieces):
Ingredient A - to mix well in a large bowl
150g Self-rising Flour, sieved
1/4 teaspoon Salt
20g Caster Sugar
Ingredient B - to add into A & whisk evenly
125ml Milk
1 Whole Egg

60g Melted Butter
1/2 teaspoon Vegetable Oil
For Peach Puree:
Use blender to blend the tinned peaches (4-5 pieces)
into puree form.

(1) Heat up non-stick pan in low fire
(2) Place the mould in and pour the pancake's mixture to fill
(3) Remove the mould when the bubbles surface on pancake

(4) Serve the pancake with any of your favourite dressings ie marble syrup, honey, fruit's puree, fresh fruits, ice cream

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