Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Child's Dream-filled Land - DisneyLand

What was your dream when you were a child? Back to 20 more years ago, I only dreamed to get more McDonald's ice-creams plus toys from the kid's meal box and greedily wished to get a barbie doll during birthday. Yes, these were so ordinary dreams before school. Until I watched more Disney cartoons, I wished I could meet Disney characters one day especially the Snow White and Seven Dwarfs. This recalled that I spent my 1st money prize (of UPSR result) to buy a Disney's Stories Big Book.

Finally my childhood's big dream had come true when I stepped into Tokyo's Disneyland on 15 April 2010.
It was not included in our tour itinerary but at last minute we decided to join others to go there. Despite I was no more a young kid, I felt so cheerful to walk in the parks and take photo with some Disney characters. The window displays were so attractive. It is so correct that this is where dreams come true and wonderful memories last for you and your kids. *I think 2-day passport is better. Great patience acquired to queue.

My tour guide was so right about the park facilities (the rides) which suit anyone from 3 to 83. Moreover, I was so impressed of the security level here (every where actually). The parents could join their kids indoor to enjoy the rides/shows by just parking the strollers and other stuff at outdoor. Leaving the belongings unguarded. Back here, we need to take turn with our partners to look after our things while one of us accompany the kid(s) to somewhere.

Perhaps you can ask your kids "what is your dream?", it may cost you just hundreds for a toy or thousands for a Disney trip. Well... I gotta tell my hubby to tighten his belt (ikat perut) for a luxury dream... go to Disneyland! Now,
Hong Kong Disneyland is the newest and closest in our region. *Most voted for Tokyo's to Hong Kong's.

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