Thursday, April 08, 2010

My Little Boy Turned Into Mr.W

Oh.. my little boy has so many questions recently. With the rising curiousness at such age, he likes to ask us "what is this?" or "what is that" on every thing he sees (though he knows some of them already).And he likes to play hide and seek too. Covering his face with hands as if he was hidden, ha ha... then yelling "where are you?" In fact, I am responsible for turning him into little Mr.W. In the past, I was the one who popped up the "questions"... why? what? where? to him. Now he has mastered "THE ART OF W" and used it so proficiently in his daily life. We are glad to hear and answer his questions. It helps him learning faster too.

I notice that my boy recites the words or the rhymes or the stories in his own way. Like this afternoon, he woke up from afternoon nap and saw me writing note. He hastily ran to me and asked for the pen and the notebook. He wanted to write too and asked me to watch him writing
(huh, scribble actually!). But he looked quite serious when he drew the lines or the circles (can't tell how creative, but he is). He would tell one after one once he had drawn one. Funny was.. he questioned it then answered it."Mommy, what is this?... it's turtle" well, I saw a circle.. then "Mommy, what is this?.. it's crocodile.. snap! snap!" oh, i just saw a weird shape but he faced down and continued to draw. Then he pointed on the lines and said "monkey jump.. jump... crocodile... snap..snap!" I saw more shapes or lines appeared on the paper. He drew and he explained it. From there, I could tell that he absorbed what he has been taught.

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