Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Home Project 1: Transportation (Final Look)

Finally, I had completed the 1st study project for my boy. Maybe I should get easier one next time so that he can do it by himself. Colouring? Guess so...

Step 1 - I copy and print few pictures (m
y one's in B&W) of Maisy's Transportation. (see previous article)

Step 2 - I paste the print-out pictures on a used paperbag (recycle any torn or unused paper materials) then cut each picture and word's label one by one. See right picture

Step 3 - I lay all nicely cut-outs on the floor and let my boy to tell the respective transportation he know. We play match-game, matching the transportation (the picture cut-outs) with the appropriate sound (the word's labels).

Later he happily took the plane and waved it in the air. I could hear him murmuring "aeroplane... in the sky". See picture left

The next thing, I rolled up the left-over paperbag to make a tunnel as well as the mountain. To do
what? I was going to drive the train like Maisy in "Maisy's Train". (you'll understand it better if you have this book) I held the train cut-out and moved it up and down the mountain, then moved it through the tunnel and out to the station. See the paper train and the fake tunnel cum mountain.

Yeah, we both were so happy to take so many lovely rides on different modes of transportation within one day.

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