Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Furniture: My Boy's Very First Bed

My Boy's Very First Bed: IKEA's HENSVIK Single Bed frame
We got a used travel cot (foldable) which had catered many babies in our families (my hubby's) in the past 10 years. It's still in good shape. Our boy slept in it up to 8 months. Then he shares a bed with us. Co-sleeping is good to bonding with baby but the con is there will be a hard time to make him sleeping alone on his bed later. In order to train him sleep alone (still share the room), we bought a kid's sized single bed and attached it to our bed. In addition, I ordered to tailor-made the fitted bedsheet which has colourful patterns (to attract him). Well, he still likes our bed better.

As we are sharing a room, he insists to sleep on our bed . He rolls back to our sides when we put him on the little bed. So the only solution is we lift him onto his single bed once he falls asleep.

Here are some tips sourced over the websites for your reference.
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