Thursday, March 11, 2010

Children Book: Three Bears and Other Tales

Three Bears and Other Tales (Board book) by Tomie dePaola

Includes 3 Classic Short Stories
- Goldilocks and The Three Bears
- The Little Red hen
- The Three Little Pigs

This is the first story book I read for my baby (started before he was born) every night. I took advise from a pre-natal education book. It's reckoned that reading can help to boost babies' brain development (or memory capacity) especially during the first early years (0-3). How? Just pick few short stories (so that you can swap each every night)... and only repeat to tell the same stories (you have started with) for about a year.

Also, you could choose to read some nursing rhymes or sing songs to babies. One important rule, not to be too aggressive, just choose few and repeat them every day at different time (play time, before nap/bedtime).

You'll surprise to the amazing moments........ find out how your baby can learn to speak the 1st word and sing the 1st song. The older your baby grows, the more he learns.

P/S: For this book, I chose to read him "The Three Little Pigs" since I knew my baby was a boy. He's 2 years old now but he's still asking me to read it. Sometimes he mimics the wolf to blow the house... haha, so cute!

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