Monday, March 29, 2010

Baby's Equipments: Cutlery Sets

My Baby's Self-feeding Equipments:
Stage 1 - Tommy Tippee's Travel Cutlery Set
At 8 months old, I noticed that my baby like to grasp the spoon from my hand when I fed him the porridge. However, I have let him eat fruit bits by his own (with fingers, wash them firstly!). He's quite good in taking the solid food. Then I decided to get a spoon for him to try 'self-feeding'. Finally I found this travel cutlery set from Tommy Tippee (see picture). The curvy handle fits my little boy's hands to grip on and to serve.

For your tip, it's feasible to choose a travel type which comes with a case to keep the cutlery set. For us, we will carry the travel cutlery set out. Most traditional restaurants don't provide kid's sized cutlery and therefore we need to prepare one set for our kid since he's been trained to self-feeding. After the meal, we just wipe clean the spoon&fork and put them back to the
case. Yes, our bag is clean still with the case. On the other hand, by introducing self-feeding with his own cutlery set, it makes his mealtime more fun as we all are dining together (not take turns to eat cold dishes as to feed him first).

Stage 2 - IKEA's SMASKA Cutlery Set
Coming to 18 months, I replaced my boy's first cutlery set with SMASKA's children cutlery set from IKEA. Except the knife, I give him the spoon & the fork only. And still, I will keep this cutlery set into the travel case (Tommy Tippee's) which fits them whenever we're out. Now, with this new set, there's no problem for him to eat anything. See how he took the pasta from the bowl.

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