Friday, March 26, 2010

Funny Quotes From My Boy

Stepping into a new year.. so many changes to be adapted. I was a 9to5 employee, now I am a full time mom; my boy was looked after by a nanny, now he is staying with me all day long (every day). More time to spend with him, of course more patience is required too. Yes, I feel myself like a dormant volcano.. not active one but hopefully it won't erupt one day. However, I appreciate the angel's side of my little mischievous boy has. Sometimes his little talks can cheer me up for days... wondering how the little brainy works.

Quote 1:
Once our bedroom's light is off, we will hear our boy calling.
My boy: So many dark-dark, mommy, daddy!
Me or his daddy: It's very dark, dear.(LoL)
*Well, he understood the meaning although he misused it here. Like he always tell his daddy "so many cars" when we are on the main road.

Quote 2:
We got our boy a kid-sized bed attached to ours. But he still prefers to co-sleeping with us.
One night during CNY, my boy like usual night laid aside me on our bed.
Me: Boy, why don't you sleep on your little bed?
My boy: Because... I oioi (sleep) here.
*I was amused and amazed too.. he talked so reasonable by answering me "Because". After that night, I try to ask him many "why" questions..

Quote 3:
Last night, I read to my boy and his little fingers played around my hairs. Suddenly he showed me a hair and said "see mommy, hair... throw it"
Me: Yes, mommy's hair dropped... oh no, mommy will be bald!
My boy: Botak (*bald in B.M)? haha, mommy botak.. botak like Ah Kaw gong gong.
His talk was not ended yet and continued.
My boy: Mommy, hair spoilt, buy new one... pay money, say thank you. Ok? Ok.
*Oh no, he made a sense with it even though it's impossible to buy hair (except a wig) and to put it onto the head.

I believe if you spend little time (during bedtime) to talk with your kids. Over many conversations, you will see the progresses they have made day by day.

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