Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Read List For My Boy - Volume 2

A Very Growing Mini Library: Treasures from littleRedReadingNook

Huh??? Are we going to raise a little bookworm? Looking at the book rack... We simply wish to pamper his love of books as early as in the childhood. If he loves books, he will love reading and surely he will treasure the books in the rack. Since his birth, I placed books (one in each place) in his surrounding such as beside his cot, inside our car and my nursery bag. Reading to him is my pleasure time. Today, he likes to carry book around and even picks his favourite one. His current fave word is "fire" which he learned it from "Room on the Broom" and "The Gruffalo's Child". Almost every night he asks us to read the books.

Recently, I found an online blog-bookstore (littleRedReadingNook, check my blog list) which covers a wide variety of children books. The prices are reasonable and the blogstore's owner is very helpful to source other titles (which are yet available in the blogstore). And promptly I received my books. Let's see what new books I have bought for my boy (or to feed the very growing mini library).*click the titles for book's details
Read list - Volume 2:
1) Maisy's Train (Board book) by Lucy Cousins
2) Lost and Found (Board book) by Oliver Jeffers
3) The Cat In The Hat (Pop-up Board book) by Theodor Geisel

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