Friday, March 26, 2010

Play n Learn: Alphabets In The Kitchen

Leap Frog's Fridge Phonics Magnetic Set

Yes, you could set up any learning corners in the house with the help of some innovative educational toys.

I got this Fridge phonics magnetic set from Leap Frog. This little magnetic learning tool keeps my boy to play around with the alphabets' phonics song and the individual alphabet's blocks attached on the fridge. At least, I have a little peace of time to do my cooking or washing in the kitchen.

In the beginning, I just put the 1st five alphabet's blocks and slowly add another five more. One day, I heard him singing the ABC's song (from scratches) but now he could sing it better from A to Z.

*I hardly hear him sing Alphabets' song these days. Yaa, I seldom cook in my kitchen now. I need to get him to practise the alphabets' song more often.

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