Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Play n Learn: A Little Trick For Little One

My little boy used to like to jump on the bed whenever we put him to change diaper on it or to sleep... sure he enjoyed the bouncing fun a lot. Although it was funny to watch his "super jumps", we were scared if he would fall off or hit on the bed frame. Even we shouted "it's dangerous", he just continued to hop on and off with laugh.

Until a night, I said to my boy during bedtime "Jovie, mommy has something new to read for you tonight. Do you like to listen a new one?" and again I specified "yes, it's new one!" to get his attention. He nodded and quietly awaited.

Aloud I read this rhyme:
Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed (Show up 5 fingers & Wave them*like hopping)

One Fell Off and Bump his Head (Show Index finger & Point it down, then hand Hit on the head)

Daddy Called the Doctor and the Doctor Said: (One Hand aside the ear *to make phone call)

"No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed"
(Pretend to Talk like a stern old man and Move the extended index finger side by side *as if a "No"sign)

With the accompanying body actions, my curious boy thought it was cool and so he excitedly followed the way I talk and act. And amazingly the last phrase had caught his attention the most. Why said so?? The following night, he stood on the bed and tried to jump, in split second, he turned back and said " mommy... mommy... mommy (his way to catch my attention), can not jump on the bed ohhh..." Yes, my little trick worked and he quite understood it. Haha.. he acts like me to say the last phrase when his big daddy hops onto the bed sometimes. Daddy, you're caught!!!

Another way to distract my boy from jumping, we both play a simple action song on the bed. Guess you know how to sing "Row row row your boat". Sit face to face, stretch the arms and hold on each other, stretch the legs and put side by side like a boat. Then sing the song by moving the upper body forward and backward together as if rowing the oars.... so merry, isn't it?

P/S: Watch the example from Cullen'sABCs video clips @ youtube.

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