Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vroom... Baby's On The Road

We are lucky to own two types of strollers. The 1st piece is a secondhand (from sister-in-law). It's kinda "mega size" stroller with fully recline seating, sturdy steel frame and built-in accessories like tray, basket (under car seat) and canopy.For the first 6-8 months, it is so convenient as the fully reclining seat allows our newbie sleep as comfy as in a cot (especially when we dine out/attend dinners). *Note: Newbies have weaker neck muscles and are not able to sit up. They sleep most (16-20 hours a day). Sooner, our little baby can sit and play very well. We take him out more often then we realise that this "heavy-duty" model is quite impractical to be carried along and loaded from/to the car trunk especially when our growing baby (> 12 months) resists to be seated in it sometimes.

As such, we got a new stroller from Maclaren (Model: Quest Sport) which is lightweight (5.5kg) and easily fold-up (looks like a golf club). It only has rear recline seating (4 positions) but its slim and compact body design has won our hearts. We can bring it along anywhere(ie shopping or travelling). It's not a problem carrying such "light-duty" stroller even if our toddler doesn't want to sit on it. We can push it with the nursery bag or shopping bags (instead of carrying by shoulder) or we just keep it in the car trunk in case that our toddler gets tired or feels sleepy.

Don't buy one in a rush. Do survey and compare the functions (and prices) accordingly to your need. Or else, it's wise to borrow/get a secondhand stroller (best with fully reclining seat) from your relatives/friends if you can't decide one yet.

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