Thursday, July 08, 2010

Thank You, My Little Helpers

Most of the time our mom-to-be friends are concerned with those big baby's items like cots, prams, sterlisers, breast pumps and etc when they ask for recommendations. Like me (during first time pregnancy), I rarely check with the small items until I need one. For certain items, I even have bought different brands because the first one is not ideal or not good enough.

I'm happy to share about these good and tiny baby's essential tools. Without them, I can't do a better job (as a mum) since my boy was born. Let me introduce my little helpers!

(1) MOTHERCARE Ergonomic Nail Clipper
Unlike the traditional nail clipper, this Mothercare's nail clipper is covered with a round shape handle. It provides a good grip for adult's hand to hold it firmly. With this nail clipper, I can trim my little baby's fingernails easily and safely.

(2) BRAUN Thermoscan
To me, a thermometer is a must to all parents. I'm very satisfied with this ear thermometer from BRAUN. It's so easy to use (Till now I've never read the manual). Turn it on and place the tip to the ear hole and press the scan button. You'll get the scan result in seconds (after hearing a "beep" sound) and the results can be stored in memory. Fast and accurate. I can take my boy's temperature easily when he cries, but he hardly refuses it.

(3) AVENT Bottle Brush
I have plenty of bottle brushes but now they are left in the drawer except the Avent's bottle brush. Why? I find only this type (Avent's) can clean the milk bottles and the nipples thoroughly especially to remove the stains at the bottom part. I give it two thumbs up. You pay more for better and safer product.

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