Friday, July 02, 2010

Play n Learn: More Puzzles?

Got a box of ELC's wooden puzzles during a sale last month (Original RM55 with 30% off). In fact, we have some puzzles in the house but they are all made of paperboard. Still, I prefer wooden toys which are tear/break/water-proof (longer lifespan=economic efficiency). This tin contains 4 nursery rhyme puzzles: 2 large size puzzles (4 pieces) + 2 small size puzzles (6 pieces) suitable for children aged 18 months to 3 years old.
*Per label's reference, puzzles are good for:
(i) Problem Solving: teaches little ones to work things out for themselves;
(ii) Fine Motor Skills: helps little ones use their hands for precise movements.
My boy is 2.5yo now. He is much more energetic but we don't see him eat more than before. He needs our full attentions to play/read/watch with him. Only able to gain our private time (work or rest) when he has gone to slumberland. As such, I'm hoping to train him to work things by himself like playing puzzles. It's time to let him be little independent and get ready for pre-school.

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