Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Play n Learn: Phonic Letters Reading

Time flied. It's now 3rd term that my boy enrolled for the toddler program at Lorna Whiston. Once in a week and one hour per class. Unlike the Right Brain Programme, there's no specific teaching materials like flash cards or visual instruments. In the class, all toddlers will sit or stand or move around the teacher when she sings songs or reads a book or shows picture cards (ie colours or shapes). My intention is to let my boy to be familiar with the English language because all teachers here are qualified foreigners. Moreover, I notice that many young students with strong English background are attending their courses too.

By attending the class with my boy, I'm learning too especially the phonic letters (Note: Toddler programme can be accompanied by either one parents/care takers). Finally I googled the phonic letters which are same with his teacher as well as the live reading video via YouTube (as seen below). I just realised that it is Montessori phonics. Whatever method it is, I'm glad that my boy didn't feel stress to learn the phonics in the class. (Note: Teacher read along with the phonic CD while holding the phonic book in hand to show the students.) I could sing and read the phonics with my boy anytime. It's interesting.

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