Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Book Review: Olivia

Book Review # 7:
by Ian Falconer
It's a lovely picture book with simple narrations about a pig
named Olivia (sounded like a girl's book?). What she does? And how she wears people and herself out. Indeed, "Olivia" has caught my boy's attention so much. He is attracted to those
different kinds of actions and poses (in pictures) done by Olivia over the pages. My boy
will imitate some of her actions or poses then show the acts to me in the midst of reading.

It's my favourite read too. I like the last scene the most which my boy and I can follow and copy together (just like Olivia's mother read a book for her bedtime). After Olivia's mother finished reading, she gave Olivia a kiss and said "I love you". Olivia did either too. Same to us.

p/s: This book is much easier than "The Gruffalo" and "Lost and Found". Absolutely a good bedtime book for girls.. as well as for boys like my boy.

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