Sunday, July 04, 2010

Book Review: Edward Built A Rocketship

Book Review # 6:
Edward Built A Rocketship
by Michael Rack

My sister-in-law bought 2 books for our boy last month. Amongst the two, I choose (my boy likes too) this book for his daily read list whilst I keep t
he other (too long) in the book shelf. *Note: If you are a taxpayer, it's good to buy children books as birthday/fullmoon presents because you are entitled up to RM1k allowance for tax relief. Also it's good to instill reading habit amongst the little ones.

Through reading this book, my boy and I as if joining the adventurous boy,
Edward (and his teddy bear) to explore the space (out of the Earth). It's a simple story to introduce the related terms like the planets (Mercury, Mars, Saturn ect), the asteroids, the meteor shower, the astronauts, the satellite and the UFO too.

As usual, my boy always quotes a word or a phrase that he learns from a book. For this book, his fave is "Kaa-boom" ....a sound that describes the rocketship flies off to the space from the ground. Let's count!!! 3,2,1... Kaa-boom...

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