Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mom, I Want A Bento

I am wondering if one day my boy will ask me for a bento. Before he asks this question, I have been inspired to look for those cute containers and mini bento accessories. As we all know, Japanese mums are famous for their excellent bento-making skills. Their bentos look so beautiful like artwork. Today I find many local mums (I mean the bloggers) are also good at making bento and even contribute their bento recipes with pictures at the blogs. Note: If you are interested into Bento-ing, you may follow Rachelhei's blog for many great ideas.
Weeks ago, I went to the nearby "100 Yen" shop to check for the bento stuff. At first glance, I felt like buying all because the accessories look so adorable like mini toys. As I never do any kid's bento before, I buy few simple accessories such as mini food cutters (in 4 shapes), a mini sushi-roll mould and two egg moulds (1 set). Note: As recommended, "100 Yen" shop sells some bento containers and bento accessories at bargain price (from RM 5).

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